Denied Workers Compensation: Proving You Are Injured And It Is Work Related


When you have been injured at work and you are not able to perform your duties, it's still possible that your workers compensation claim will be denied. If the doctor you went to for treatment doesn't write you out of work completely, or doesn't believe that you are injured, you may have to fight against workers compensation for benefits to begin. Your employer chooses where you go for treatment in the first thirty days after your injury, and this can directly impact whether the doctor believes your claims of being injured.

Get a Second Opinion from an Outside Provider

If you work for a large company and you are sent to their workers compensation medical provider for treatment, you are one of many employees who have been to that office for treatment. Their goal is to treat patients, but they also have the sustainability of the company you work for in mind. Providers working almost completely with workers compensation claims are going to get you back to work at any capacity possible, even if it means sending you back to work when you are not ready.

A second opinion will provide an independent voice to your workers compensation claim. If the second opinion is clear that you are not able to work at this time, you are more likely to receive the benefits that you deserve. 

Attend All of Your Medical Appointments

When you are injured, the only substantive proof that you have of your injuries are your medical records. When you attend all of your medical appointments, you are showing that you are taking your condition seriously. When you skip appointments, this indicates to workers compensation and your employer that you may not be as injured as you are claiming to be. The only way to get careful documentation about your injuries that you sustained at work is to be evaluated by competent physicians and follow through with all medical treatment.

If you have been injured in a work-related accident and you have been denied workers compensation benefits, it's time to sit down with an experienced attorney who can help you along the claim process. When you come to meet for your initial consultation, you should bring with you any medical records that you have, and a copy of the incident report that was filed with your employer. There is no reason to suffer when you have been injured at work.

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24 August 2015

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