Denied! Taking a Look at the Facts about Being Denied for Social Security


When an accident or injury has left you unable to work, it can feel like a hopeless situation, but most people do expect that the social security taxes they have paid through their working years should be used to help them. If you are denied for your social security benefits after initially applying, you may feel a little unfairly treated and may even consider just trying to tough it out to get through your situation the best way you can. However, in these instances, make sure you speak with a skilled social security lawyer and take the time to get a few facts about being denied for social security benefits. 

It Is Fairly Uncommon to Be Approved Right Away for Social Security Benefits

You may feel that your injuries are obviously going to keep you from finding work, but do not be surprised if the Social Security Administration does not see it your way with your initial application for benefits. A graph released by U.S. Social Security Administration actually stated that a mere average of 28 percent of cases were approved after the initial claims level from 1999 to 2009. So, if you get a big denial letter after applying the first time, you should know that you are not alone and there is a good chance that you should move forward with the next steps in the appeal process.

There Is Always More to Be Considered Than Just Your Injury

Being denied for your social security benefits can make you feel as if the administrators do not believe that you are actually injured. However, in every claim there is more considered than just your injury, which is something many applicants do not realize and a big reason why many claims are initially denied. In addition to your injuries, the SSA will be looking at these factors:

  • how your injury affects your ability to perform your normal line of work. 
  • if there are other positions that you could take in which you would be qualified and capable to work
  • whether your injury is severe enough to prevent you from working in typical workplace scenarios

Being denied for your social security benefits can definitely be disheartening, but you should not give up after the initial denial. Talk to a social security lawyer to help you understand the appeal process and assist you with filing the necessary paperwork to obtain a hearing in which you will be given the opportunity to further explain your situation. 


31 August 2015

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