Three Fast Facts About Truck Drivers That Every Motorist Needs To Know


Every year, automobile accidents hurt, maim, and even fatally take the lives of drivers and even though you know the risks, you may not know that accidents involving big trucks are a real problem. As a regular motorist, it is highly likely that you will share the highways you travel with these vehicles that can be not just intimidating, but so massively sized in comparison to your own vehicle that traveling alongside them can become dangerous really quick. Here are a few fast facts you should know about truck drivers and semi accidents to help you fully understand your risks so you can begin to recognize the importance of extreme caution when traveling alongside semis. 

1. Truck Drivers Are Under a Lot of Pressure and Often Bend the Rules - Legally, truck drivers have strict schedules that they should be following for breaks and sleeping, but one study showed that two-thirds of drivers surveyed claimed they routinely went against the rules to make more money. This lack of rest for drivers means easily disregarding safe practices or even falling asleep at the wheel. Therefore, if you see unusual driving behavior or slow response times from a trucker, it is best to use extreme caution and report the strange driving to authorities as soon as possible. 

2. Fatality Rates Involving Semi-Trucks and Regular Vehicles Are Scary - Around 5,000 motorists are killed on highways every year in accidents that involve large trucks. Unfortunately, the drivers who are injured the worst are typically those who are driving regular vehicles because they are at an extreme disadvantage. This number alone is enough to prove the degree of seriousness every driver must take when they head out on the road shared by large vehicles. 

3. Drug Use Is a Major Problem in the Trucking Industry - Truckers are typically required to take drug tests when they are hired by well-known trucking companies. However, not every company strictly adheres to guidelines and it is apparent that a lot of drug use slips through the cracks. In fact, as many as 30 percent of drivers questioned in one survey had used amphetamines or speed while driving.  

The bottom line is, traveling with truck drivers can lead to disastrous results and as a driver, you have to understand the risks. If you have fallen victim to a bad trucking accident, talk to a personal injury attorney for advice. 

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8 September 2015

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