Was Your Child Targeted And Injured At A Sports Practice? What To Know


There are a lot of different things that you have to worry about when your child is playing sports, but what you shouldn't have to worry about is your child getting hurt by someone that is on their team. If you left your child at practice and they were badly injured by another player on their team, and the other player meant to inflict harm on them, you want to talk with a lawyer. Here are some of the things that you want to discuss, so you can prepare a case.

Were the Children Supervised?

You want to talk with the other parents, the children that were also at the parents, and the policy for the sports organization, and determine if the children were being properly supervised. If your child was targeted by another child, if multiple children were involved in this happening, or there are other indications that this was premeditated, you could have a case. You want to prove that the coaches may have been neglectful keeping your child safe and getting them the proper care they need.

Can Your Child Heal from the Injuries?

The type of injury your child has and if they can recover or not, or the type of recovery they have endure will also affect if you have a case or not. You need to have a full detailed report with the exact diagnosis of the injuries your child has.  The following injuries are worthy of a case:

  • Permanent injuries or paralysis
  • Injuries that require surgery
  • Brain or spinal damages
  • Mental trauma because of the injuries
  • Months of pain and physical therapy

You want to talk with the legal team about the different injuries that your child has, the best type of life they can live with the injuries, and what type of money you could need to treat their medical condition for a lifetime.

Lifetime Impact of the Injury

Not only will your child have to deal with the physical struggles and pains that they have because of the injury, but there could be other problems as well. Your child could deal with many problems professionally, mentally, and in social situations because of the injury, their disabilities, and because of the trauma of the entire situation.

If your child was severely injured when you dropped them off at a practice and you don't think that the injury was accidental or unintentional, these are some things to consider. Get an experienced injury lawyer and discuss all the details to see if you could have a potential lawsuit to file.


16 October 2018

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