Social Security Disability: Do You Need Help With Your Application?


If your worried about completing your Social Security Disability application, consult an attorney. The application process requires you to list critical information about your disability or illness, including when and where it occurred. If you make mistakes on the application, you may lose your claim before it begins. Here are things a Social Security Disability attorney can help you do to prepare for and complete your disability application.

Obtain the Correct Dates of Your Disability

The Social Security Administration compiled a list of conditions, illnesses, and disabilities you must meet in order to receive your benefits. However, some applicants don't have all of the information they need to complete the application and/or evaluation successfully.

Some of the most important questions on the evaluation pertain to the date and time of your disability. If you don't answer this question correctly, your application may be denied. An attorney can help you list the correct date of your disability by obtaining copies of the original paperwork from your doctors and specialists. The paperwork should show when and where you:

  • complained about your health or injury
  • visited a doctor or received care from a hospital
  • received therapy or care from a specialist

Once an attorney helps you obtain the information above, they can show you how to prepare for your disability interview.

Prepare for the Disability Interview

The SSA will generally interview you in person or by phone before they make a decision about your claim. The SSA will look over your application during the interview and ask you questions about it. To avoid discrepancies or making costly mistakes, an attorney may ask you to memorize key dates and other information prior to your interview.

If you struggle to remember information because of your health, tell an attorney immediately. An attorney may be able to answer some of the interviewee's questions for you. If your interview is by phone, an attorney may create a spreadsheet or guide for you to look through during your interview. Keep the spreadsheet or guide in a safe place to avoid losing it prior to your interview.

If the Social Security Administration requires you to do anything else after your interview, an attorney will assist you with it. The SSA may also call or schedule you for a follow-up appointment if they need clarification about your application.

Contact a Social Security Disability attorney for assistance with your application today.


11 August 2020

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