How To Find Out Who Is Responsible For The Death Of Your Loved One


When your loved one has passed away, this time can be made more difficult when you don't even know what happened. You might not know the cause of your loved one's death or who might have been responsible. Unfortunately, even well-known and respected companies will take action to cover up evidence to avoid culpability. To get to the bottom of what happened, you'll need to speak with a wrongful death attorney.

Contact a Wrongful Death Attorney Immediately

After the death of your loved one, you will need to find out how they passed away. This might require an autopsy. Your wrongful death attorney will also need to act quickly to preserve evidence. For example, your attorney will need to file a motion with the court to require that evidence not be destroyed.

For example, if your loved one was involved in an accident, you might not know if their vehicle was not functioning properly and that this malfunction might have caused the accident. A wrongful death law firm can make sure that the car is inspected to determine whether there was a defect that led to the accident.


To be able to file a wrongful death claim, you will need to prove that another party was negligent and that this negligence caused the accident. In the case of an auto mechanic, for instance, the repairs made by the mechanic should be the repairs that a reasonable mechanic would make. Your attorney might discover that the repairs made to the vehicle introduced a defect.

For the defect to play a role in your case, you would also need to prove that the accident that led to the death was caused by the defect. For example, a further investigation might reveal that the contributing factor in the accident was the auto manufacturer or another motorist.

Find Out If You Have a Case

The individual who represents the estate of the deceased has a right to file a claim on behalf of the deceased. Most often, those who are related to the deceased, such as a parent, child, or spouse, will be allowed to receive compensation. 

Your wrongful death attorney will attempt to negotiate a settlement with the party who you believe to be responsible or will file a lawsuit if it is impossible to negotiate a settlement. Then, the settlement will be distributed among the loved ones who have suffered damages or will become a part of the estate.

Contact a wrongful death attorney for more information.  


3 August 2021

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