3 Types Of Cases Handled By A Business Litigation Attorney


Business owners sometimes fall on the defense side of courtrooms over litigation. Claims for workers' compensation, defective products, and personal injuries are common triggers for lawsuits against companies. Such lawsuits affect your company's stability and profit margins.

You may face a dilemma of whether to hire a business litigation attorney or handle the lawsuit alone. To fully settle on a beneficial choice, understand the cases handled by business litigation lawyers. This way, you'll know whether your situation deserves such legal personnel to resolve.

Read on to discover the types of cases handled by a business litigation attorney.

1. Breaches of Contracts

Contract disputes are common causes of litigation in businesses. These issues stem from acts in progress, numerous acts, or a specific act of neglect. The plaintiff's main aim is to restore a before-the-breech position.

You may face contract breaches from suppliers, other businesses, or clients. Breaching these contracts leads to costly consequences if the situation is improperly handled. For instance, it might lead to a contract price reduction or damage compensations. 

A legal representative secures the best deal for you during settlement negotiations. Your lawyer covers all relevant bases of your cases and drafts compelling arguments to protect you from unnecessary losses.

Some business owners choose to ignore these lawsuits for a long time until, eventually, the company's reputation gets destroyed. Avoid this mistake with a skilled business litigation attorney's aid.

2. Partnership or Stakeholder Disputes

Shareholder disputes arise from disagreements over governance or dividends. Fiduciary misdeeds in private companies also cause such disagreements.

Resolutions to these conflicts depend on whether the lawsuit was made in good faith. First, a lawyer determines whether the other party intends to hurt you with the lawsuit. If so, you build your defense around your partner's breach of the good faith regulation.

Dissolution disagreements that involve the distribution of available assets might also lead to an intractable situation. But, again, you'll access legal guidance from your lawyer throughout the litigation process or find ways to avoid that expensive process.

3. Real Estate Litigations

These cases involve conflicts over leases, sales, and the development of real properties. Investors who go for a commercial renting solution face these kinds of disputes. To get a favorable solution out of a real estate lawsuit, hire a legal expert to help you understand your rights.


Intellectual property conflicts involving trademarks, copyrights, or patents also lead to business law claims. As a result, hire a business litigation attorney when other conflict resolution techniques such as mediation fail. 



6 May 2022

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