Has Your Child Suffered A Concussion In A Vehicle Collision? Here's How To Go About Seeking Compensation


When driving with your child in the car, you must take safety measures to mitigate the effects of a potential collision. For instance, you need to place them in their car seat and buckle them firmly before driving off. But even with these preventive measures, your child could still sustain life-threatening injuries in a high-impact accident. In such a situation, they may suffer a concussion, which can cause brain problems and other complications if not treated in time. Here's what you need to know about this injury and how to get justice for your child. 

How to Determine Whether Your Child Has Suffered a Concussion

Concussions usually happen when the body is impacted with force. Unfortunately, it can occur without a direct impact on the head, making diagnosing a concussion challenging without a medical examination. So before concluding the matter, take your child to a medical facility and have them examined. Medical care is particularly essential if the child cries excessively, loses consciousness, or they don't have an interest in their favorite activities. Your doctor will undertake different tests to examine the child's cognitive function. They might also run a CT scan or an MRI to determine whether they sustained brain injuries.

How to Get Compensation

Generally, treating a concussion is costly, especially if specialized care is required. Besides, you may be forced to leave your employment to care for the little one, drastically affecting your quality of life. But you don't have to shoulder the medical expenses alone. By taking legal action against the negligent driver in the collision, you can receive payment to cater for the medical bills. 

At this point, it's best to engage a car accident attorney since pursuing compensation is a legal process. One of the fundamental roles of your attorney is to collect the necessary evidence to prove that your child suffered a concussion due to the wrongdoer's actions.

With substantial evidence, your lawyer will file a strong claim demonstrating your need for compensation. In addition to medical expenses, you can receive compensation for your child's rehabilitation costs, the suffering caused by the injuries, and your lost wages. 

A concussion can cause severe consequences to your child's general well-being and family. So ensure that they receive immediate medical care and, through the help of a car accident attorney, institute legal measures against the at-fault party instantly. Doing this will ease the financial burden of treating the condition.

Contact a local car accident lawyer to learn more. 


14 July 2022

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