SSRIs Prescribed for Psychiatric Disorders Can Cause Birth Defects


One of the most common types of medications used in the mental health profession is the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI). In the past, this drug was considered to be safe to take during pregnancy. However, research in 2006 revealed that this medication can cause a variety of birth defects. If you are prescribed this medication while you are pregnant and you are not warned of the potential risks, you may be entitled to compensation.

17 November 2020

Social Security Disability: Do You Need Help With Your Application?


If your worried about completing your Social Security Disability application, consult an attorney. The application process requires you to list critical information about your disability or illness, including when and where it occurred. If you make mistakes on the application, you may lose your claim before it begins. Here are things a Social Security Disability attorney can help you do to prepare for and complete your disability application. Obtain the Correct Dates of Your Disability

11 August 2020