Workers' Compensation Conundrum: When Workers Aren't Employees


In the context of workers' compensation, the term "workers" does not have the same meaning as the conventional definition of the word. This is because the "workers" in workers' compensation refers only to workers classified as employees. This means workers who aren't classified as employees aren't entitled to workers' compensation benefits, even if they get injured on the job. Here are three examples of workers who aren't employees: Independent Contractors

17 December 2015

Two Ways An Attorney Can Help You With A Social Security Disability Claim For Your Child


Caring for a healthy child is a taxing experience. Caring for a child with a physical or mental disability can be even more challenging and financially costly. Social security disability benefits can help ease some of the burden and help ensure your child has access to all the care they need and deserve. While it's possible to complete the process of securing benefits on your own, having an attorney on your side can be of an invaluable benefit.

8 December 2015

A Few Reasons To Hire A Lawyer If You Have Been In A Slip And Fall Accident


If you have been injured after slipping or falling on someone else's property, you may feel you have the right to be compensated for your injury. In some cases, this is true; however, the process of getting that compensation can be a long and difficult task. Here are a few ways a slip and fall lawyer can help you through the process. Proving Fault One of the biggest obstacles in a slip and fall accident is proving fault.

19 November 2015

Five Questions Your Defense Attorney May Ask You If You are Facing DUI Charges


If you've been stopped for driving under the influence and subjected to a breath test, you may think that a failed result automatically means that you're facing a conviction. The truth is, there are several options for legal defense even if you fail the breath test. Here's a look at some of the things you should discuss with a criminal defense attorney before you opt to plead guilty. Was the Test Administered Properly?

11 November 2015

Do Immigrant Day Laborers Have The Same Rights As Other Workers When They Are Injured?


If an immigrant day laborer at a construction site or other job gets injured, does he or she have the same rights as other workers? Day laborers are often faced with challenges that other workers don't have. Day laborers are often treated like "second class" employees. The day labor workforce is roughly 87% Hispanic, and many are undocumented immigrants. Around 11% have some form of pending immigration application. The employment is often unstable and they're frequently paid poverty-level wages.

27 October 2015

Can You File A Wrongful Death Claim For An Unborn Child?


A wrongful death occurs when someone dies as the result of another person's actions (or failure to act when they should have). Can you sue someone for the wrongful death of an unborn child? Several different things have to be considered in order to answer that question. 1.) Are you the proper person to bring the wrongful death claim? Survivors of the unborn child have to bring the lawsuit to civil court and ask for compensation.

16 October 2015

Death Benefits and Workers' Compensation


Workers' compensation is well-known for providing medical care and lost wages for the worker injured as a result of their injury on the job, but this insurance program also provides benefits for the families of deceased workers. If your family member died as a result of an on-the-job injury or illness and you meet certain qualifications, you may be eligible to receive lifetime benefits. Read on to find out if you could qualify for monetary benefits.

30 September 2015

Key Facts You Should Know About Disability Applications


If you're facing the potential of applying for Social Security Disability benefits, it's important that you understand what's ahead. There is a lot of misinformation out there about the process and the expectations, so in addition to talking with a Social Security Disability attorney about your case, you should be able to see through some of the myths. Here's a look at some facts that you should know before you apply for benefits.

18 September 2015

Trucking Accidents: You'll Be Surprised Who May Be Involved


If you are ever involved in an automobile accident with a commercial truck, do not leave everything up to the insurance companies. If you were not at fault, your insurance company is going to go after the driver's insurance company to compensate you for your injuries, losses and punitive damages. However, by hiring a lawyer experienced in commercial trucking accidents, you may be able to receive more compensation because the list of who is at least partially responsible is much larger than you would think.

10 September 2015

The First 3 People You Should Contact When You Suspect Medical Malpractice


If you have been involved in a situation with a medical care provider, and you feel that the treatment you received was below the standard of care that all medical professionals must abide by or that a wrong diagnosis lead to unnecessary complications, here are the three people you should contact. The Doctor Who Was Responsible For Your Care If you have not already expressed your concern to the doctor who took care of you, the first thing you need to do is call up your doctor.

9 September 2015