3 Types Of Cases Handled By A Business Litigation Attorney


Business owners sometimes fall on the defense side of courtrooms over litigation. Claims for workers' compensation, defective products, and personal injuries are common triggers for lawsuits against companies. Such lawsuits affect your company's stability and profit margins. You may face a dilemma of whether to hire a business litigation attorney or handle the lawsuit alone. To fully settle on a beneficial choice, understand the cases handled by business litigation lawyers. This way, you'll know whether your situation deserves such legal personnel to resolve.

6 May 2022

Can A Motorcyclist Sue A Pedestrian For Causing An Accident?


When a motorcycle gets in an accident, many people assume the motorcyclist was riding dangerously and caused the accident. When a pedestrian gets in an accident, many people automatically blame the driver no matter what. So can a motorcyclist sue a pedestrian for causing an accident? Can a Pedestrian Be At Fault for an Accident? Many people think that a pedestrian can never be responsible for causing an accident with a vehicle.

14 March 2022

Drunk Driving Attorneys: Seeking Damages From Uninsured Drivers


If you've been injured by an uninsured drunk driver, it can feel like you are powerless to recover the damages you need to repair your car, your body, and your life. A drunk driving attorney can help you recover more money even when the driver files for bankruptcy. Here are some of the ways that drunk driving attorneys help clients who have been injured by uninsured drivers. Your Policy The process of recovering from a drunk driving accident involving an uninsured driver will normally start with working with your auto insurance and health care insurance providers.

11 January 2022