Can A Motorcyclist Sue A Pedestrian For Causing An Accident?


When a motorcycle gets in an accident, many people assume the motorcyclist was riding dangerously and caused the accident. When a pedestrian gets in an accident, many people automatically blame the driver no matter what. So can a motorcyclist sue a pedestrian for causing an accident? Can a Pedestrian Be At Fault for an Accident? Many people think that a pedestrian can never be responsible for causing an accident with a vehicle.

14 March 2022

Drunk Driving Attorneys: Seeking Damages From Uninsured Drivers


If you've been injured by an uninsured drunk driver, it can feel like you are powerless to recover the damages you need to repair your car, your body, and your life. A drunk driving attorney can help you recover more money even when the driver files for bankruptcy. Here are some of the ways that drunk driving attorneys help clients who have been injured by uninsured drivers. Your Policy The process of recovering from a drunk driving accident involving an uninsured driver will normally start with working with your auto insurance and health care insurance providers.

11 January 2022

What To Know When You Are Involved In An Accident While Using A Ride Share Service


Were you recently involved in an accident while riding as a passenger using a ride share service? This can leave you wondering what you should do, especially if you were injured in the accident. Here is what you need to know about this unique legal situation when you have injuries to deal with. Get Medical Care And Treatment Right Away Your first priority after an accident should be to get medical attention for your injuries.

14 October 2021

How To Find Out Who Is Responsible For The Death Of Your Loved One


When your loved one has passed away, this time can be made more difficult when you don't even know what happened. You might not know the cause of your loved one's death or who might have been responsible. Unfortunately, even well-known and respected companies will take action to cover up evidence to avoid culpability. To get to the bottom of what happened, you'll need to speak with a wrongful death attorney.

3 August 2021

SSRIs Prescribed for Psychiatric Disorders Can Cause Birth Defects


One of the most common types of medications used in the mental health profession is the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI). In the past, this drug was considered to be safe to take during pregnancy. However, research in 2006 revealed that this medication can cause a variety of birth defects. If you are prescribed this medication while you are pregnant and you are not warned of the potential risks, you may be entitled to compensation.

17 November 2020

Social Security Disability: Do You Need Help With Your Application?


If your worried about completing your Social Security Disability application, consult an attorney. The application process requires you to list critical information about your disability or illness, including when and where it occurred. If you make mistakes on the application, you may lose your claim before it begins. Here are things a Social Security Disability attorney can help you do to prepare for and complete your disability application. Obtain the Correct Dates of Your Disability

11 August 2020

Pursuing Compensation After An Auto Accident


Auto accidents are able to inflict major losses, injuries and damages on a person, and pursuing justice after being a victim in one of these accidents will often require the use of the legal system. Despite the fact that resolving an auto accident case will be a complicated affair, it is possible for a person to become fairly well-prepared for this process, and this can help them with achieving a favorable outcome at the end of this process.

25 September 2019